Heart of the Keep


Background about the Heart and Golem

The Golem appeared on the 13th day of the 5th moon of the 6th year of the Current Awakenings. The tale of its coming and the lessons it taught can be found here.

The Heart of the Keep is a diaspore, a form of aluminum according to the Jewellers.

It is made up of keep stuff, is not sorcerously enchanted, can be worked without bad interactions by Alchemy.

On Freys, the 13th day of the 1st moon (Jan 13, 2006), Her Majesty held a dreamquest with Dame Umichan, Fezwin, Hazelline and Kitra. The keep's heart was successfully awoken by Love and Duty during this quest, beating in the dream and filling with light that was still present when everyone awoke.

On Freys the 20th of the 1st moon, Doctor Getheaht had some words about the Heart in the Outer Courtyard.

That night, the night of the Black and White ball, the shadows, led by a maid of shadow hight Umbrage, and their allies, the traitors to keep and Queen tried to find way to escape the keep. The Heart stayed with the defenders blocking the guest hallway, and saved them too.

Later, both Getheaht and Master Quilp had more comments.

Finally on Moon, the 23rd of the 1st moon, at 11 late, a small group of denizens who had touched the Heart in different ways all gathered in the crafter halls, to return the now awake Heart of the Keep, back to the keep itself.

Plans for the Heart

The basic plans for the Heart are to help rid people of shadows and deal with unbound ones. However, we still need to determine what it can do.

Possible ways to learn more about the Heart include:

  • Controlled exposure of the diaspore to people who have limited shadow taint, such as shadowed eyes
  • Gathering 6 ser, and 6 sera, and having a ceremony before the Golem's head seeking the guidance of the keep itself.

Ideas for ceremony

There will be a ceremony on Moon, the 23rd of the 1st moon. It will include those who spoke with the golem, those who went on the dreamquest, those who helped study the Heart, and those who fought beneath it.