> Doctor Getheaht points grimly at you, "You used the heart?"
> You nod to Doctor Getheaht confirmingly, "Indeed, the heart turned back the shadows."
> Doctor Getheaht grunts.
> Doctor Getheaht opens his grey wool pouch.
> Doctor Getheaht takes a whiskey bottle from his grey wool pouch.
Doctor Getheaht takes a quick swig from his whiskey bottle.
> Doctor Getheaht waves his whiskey bottle toward you, "Hopefully you won't regret it."
> You tilt your head to Doctor Getheaht, "As I have faith in Her Majesty, I have faith in the keep, we are guests of both. I do hope so too though, as you stated it is an artifact old and new both, I know little of it but its recent history and it is proof against the shadows."
> Doctor Getheaht grimaces at you, "You hope to much and know too little."
> You accede to Doctor Getheaht acceptingly, "I'm willing to learn though."
> Doctor Getheaht wipes his dour mouth with the sleeve of a charcoal wool robe.