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This Wikia is about Castle Marrach, a game by Skotos. While there is already a Marrach Twiki page. This is an unlocked and unofficial site, for guilds, groups and individuals who want a more freeform and flexible venue.

Guild PagesEdit

June 8thEdit

A start for the Winter Candy Circus Pages

To Do List:

Need to get images and logos for the Winter Candy Circus pages, as well as start building them out, now that they are up.

OOC ContentEdit

Coming SoonEdit

This section is still empty. But is free for players to build out. Ideally, this will provide a nice framework for those who want to share out of game content, but aren't really comfortable with web design.

Here are some links to existing player created content: Player Pictures Marrach ForumsJewelry Stones

Other GamesEdit

This section is to discuss, suggest, link to games from Skotos or other third party games of interest. Don't feel limited to other text muds.


What I Like About FezEdit

Hello, and welcome to what will be, quite possibly, the most important and interesting area of the site.

His first report on metals

Keep's Heart